Feast Portland Events with Tix Still Available

A quick look at the Feast Portland festival schedule and you’ll notice most events are SOLD OUT! Eeeek! Don’t freak out just yet, there are still a few events with tickets left that would make for an epic Friday at the festival. We are not kidding when we say snatch these up! We doubt they’ll be available within the next few days.


FRIDAY GRAND TASTING – Main Event (1:00pm – 5:00pm)

At the time of posting, there are only 20 tickets left. This is the festival’s largest tasting event and for only $60/ticket, you really can’t go wrong. If you can only attend one Feast Portland event, we’d recommend putting this one at the top of our priority list. 80+ vendors will be present for you to sample the best of local food AND drink.

MEET THE PRESS – Drink Tank (12:00pm – 1:00pm)

feast-portland events adventure getaway mediaThis event presented by Imbibe Magazine puts cider into the spotlight. In early America cider was king, consumed by everyone from kids to George Washington. Post-Prohibition, cider became teetotaling juice, and hard cider turned sticky and sweet. Today’s daring cider makers are embracing tradition, heritage fruits, and brewing methods (dry-hopped ciders!) to devise dynamic, elegant beverages that are the apple of drinkers’ eyes. Meet the makers behind the movement.

WASHINGTON WINES ON THE RISE – Drink Tank (2:00 – 3:00pm)

Wine-lovers rejoice! From spicy Grenache and floral Cabernet Franc to cool-climate sparklers and Rieslings, Washington wines have come of age. Winemakers are exploring new varieties, growing grapes in emerging viticultural regions, and experimenting with winemaking techniques, all with delicious results. Feast’s big league wine aficionado and award-winning writer, Bruce Schoenfeld leads a panel of trailblazing winemakers and experts on an exploration of the latest and greatest wines from across the mighty Columbia.





Twenty years ago, vermouth was stuck in the doldrums—but today, drinkers are discovering the aperitif experience. Old World standards are mingling with New World newcomers—and this is just the start. Find out what bottles to look for, and get a taste of some of the most interesting styles.

Now you may notice with the schedule of these events, you may be tight on time to try and attend ALL of them. Our recommendation? Grab your Grand Tasting ticket and supplement it with one of the Drink Tank events! For more info and tips and tricks to attending the festival, check out how to Create the Ultimate Feast Portland Weekend. Happy FEASTing!