Trendspotting at Feast Portland


There were plenty of trends both new and established at Feast Portland this year. Porkbelly, poke, negronis and donuts still run rampant, but we saw several new trends emerging. Here’s six trends that stood out to us at the festival this year.

#1 – Punch Drinks

We attended the Feast Drink Tank seminar on making punch cocktails, and also spotted the this 1600’s drink on a lot of bar menus. Some bars even have a special drink list just of punches! Historically punches were made using five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and tea. These days that’s used as a template, and innovated upon by some of the best bartenders around.

#2 – S’mores are the new Cronut

This campfire favourite has taken on a twist with boutique flavours. The “Pisco Sour S’more” (pictured below) was the main dessert offering at the Feast Night Market. Made of housemade pisco lime marshmallows, local honey grhams, and mango caramel.

#3 – Beyond Frosé

Frosé is still everywhere! Sno-gronis and other adult slushies are now popping up as well. This obvious summer trend won’t last through winter, but we’re likely to see a lot more cocktail slush action up in Vancouver next summer.

#4 – Marijuana Infused Products/Meats

This pig roasted for the Night Market event was fed on nothing but marijuana. Will we see this trend emerging in Vancouver next year…?

#5 – North American Single Malts

The craft whisky scene is alive and well in Portland. The Pacific North West single malts are really starting to stand out from the classic scotch offerings. Terroir really comes into play with these, distilleries are getting hyper local, using West Coast grains for their mash, integrating Washington Peat, and aging with Oregon Oak. It’s a totally different flavour profile and something I know we will see more of from the distilleries up in Vancouver.

#6 – Dessert for Breakfast

I prefer savory breakfast for dinner, but we spotted a ton of sweets for breakfast at the Feast Brunch Village. The “B’Day Brekkie Cup” from New York’s Milk Bar took the cake.

Did you attend Feast Portland this year? What trends did you spot?