Inside Our New Spring Cocktails

Cherry blossoms are flourishing, winter clothes are shedding, and we are launching a new cocktail menu this Friday.

It’s official: Spring has arrived in Vancouver!

Our focus has always been to fill glasses and plates with the best of Canada’s farmers, distillers, brewers and winemakers. This is the exact approach Levon Culbertson took to curate this season’s beverage program.

As our bar manager at the bistro, he has steeped in Edible’s atmosphere and philosophies for over a year, harvesting inspiration along the way.

It helps that creativity is what his life is all about. Outside of work, Levon spends a lot of time producing music in his home studio.

The space is furnished with vintage guitars and amplifiers – heirlooms from his parents, who were both professional musicians. Levon even spent some of his formative years on the road with them as they toured the country.

The process of making songs and cocktails is very similar. Following a creative hunch, he blends some key ingredients, samples the mix, and plays with the levels until it feels just right, adding and subtracting notes along the way.

We asked him to crack a window into his process with the cocktails, and share a story about his personal favourite.

“The team at the restaurant is very international, just like our guests. And that’s what Canada as a whole represents – diversity – so I feel like what we make should reflect that,” he says.

With diversity and the spirit of the coming season in mind, Levon aimed to craft a balanced list that satisfies a variety of pallets and can’t be found anywhere else.

Grab a seat at the bistro this weekend and be the first to try them!

His favourite cocktail on the new roster is the Chinatown Sour – an Eastern, floral twist on a classic.

Beside the wild aromatics and flavour profile, what he loves most about this concoction is the colour. The sour has a beautiful pinkish-purple hue, which matches the streetlights in Chinatown – the neighbourhood he was raised in.

“I grew up there. It was this immersive downtown hub of multiculturalism, with so many exotic scents, flavours and styles. This drink is sort of a tribute to what is a very special part of the city to me.”

This tinted effect is primarily thanks to Victoria Distillers Empress 1908 Gin. Infused with butterfly pea blossoms, the spirit touts a vibrant shade of indigo. There’s also a splash of absinthe from Arbutus Distillers, which is bright amber.

“It incorporates oolong tea and liquorice, so it has a very unique and interestingly herbal taste.”

When we asked him what he enjoyed about working with Edible Canada, he had this to say:

“I love the people and home-grown atmosphere. I also really enjoy tourism, and having our guests being predominantly foreign. Since I was born-and-raised in Vancouver, I’m a bit of a rare breed. But multiculturalism is what this city is all about, so I feel right at home.” 

Here’s the breakdown of his featured drink, Chinatown Sour. Come check it out!

 Chinatown Sour

1 oz Oolong syrup 
1.75 oz Empress Gin
.25 oz Arbutus Absinthe
1 oz Lemon Juice
1 Egg White
Liquorice and Mint Garnish 
Served in a Coupe glass