Meet the Maker: The Handpicked Home Shop

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Welcome to the world of The Handpicked Home, a shop in White Rock, British Columbia that celebrates Canadian artisans with a beautiful selection of locally made goods. When you first enter The Handpicked Home, you’re sure to be greeted with a friendly “hello!” from the shop owner, Piya. You may also catch a peek of her adorable Boston Terrier, Colbie, and suddenly the numerous pup-themed goods available make a whole lot of sense! The vibe is chill and you can enjoy browsing without feeling pressured or hurried, allowing you to get lost in the intricacies of the incredible selection of items.

Along with all your decorating and home needs, you’ll find a corner of treats selected by Edible Canada. From Zimt Chocolates and Candid Confectioner caramels to Saltspring Kitchen Co. preserves and Amola salts, the collection is great for treating yourself or gifting to others.We sat down with Piya for a Q & A to learn more about her and her beautiful shop!

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What is the importance of “local” to you?

By choosing local, we can feel good about our purchases, supporting our local economy and investing in small businesses so that they can continue to provide their customers with great service and wonderful products! For The Handpicked Home, offering locally- and artisan-made goods means our customers get to discover how much talent there is right in our own backyards, and learn about the maker’s story and how each treasure is uniquely made – and that is a wonderful gift to share with everyone who walks through our shop.

Why did you decide to set up The Handpicked Home in White Rock?

I grew up close to White Rock in Cloverdale, and we were always out in this wonderful neighborhood. One of the first dates my husband and I shared together in our “younger” years was in White Rock, and he appreciated the warmth and small-town vibe that this beautiful city offered, coming from a small Island town himself. The White Rock community has a love for local and small business that we are grateful for, and we are thrilled to offer a different type of shopping experience and product mix that our local customers did not have the opportunity to enjoy so close to home before.

Is there anything you find particularly unique about White Rock?

What’s not to love about this city by the sea? Beautiful beaches, unique & delicious cuisine, and great people are what make this a destination spot for locals and tourists alike.

What is the best part about your job?

That it’s not a “job” at all – it is a passion that I get to experience and share with people every day and I couldn’t be more grateful. It is busy, crazy, demanding, wonderful and truly gratifying to be living my dream, taking control of my life & learning each and every minute of my day, and I have so much to be thankful for.

One thing that’s bad for you that you’ll never stop eating:

Halloween candy (a true guilty pleasure)!

Any advice for others looking to create a small business?

Make a plan. Understand your business inside and out with goals, target market analysis, contingency options and financials. Know your own strengths and weaknesses and what you can bring to your own business. Business classes will offer the knowledge and confidence to apply what you’ve learned to real–world – and for others to take you and your ideas seriously as well. Make educated decisions for the growth of your business and understand the outcomes of these decisions before they happen, so you are able to mitigate surprises as much as possible! And, believe in yourself! The road to building a business is tough and exhausting, but also truly rewarding.

It is an amazing thing to work for yourself and put your success in your own hands. It is freeing, demanding and overwhelming – but, a plan in place will help you overcome obstacles and ease those nerves!

Treat from the Edible Canada corner in your store that you can’t stop munching on:

And I have to choose just one?! It’ll have to be The Candid Confectioner Caramels (any flavor!)

What’s your favorite season and why?

Summer by a mile! Bring me sunshine, heat, and the opportunity to shed even just one layer (though I am a scarf girl year-round) and pull out some flats and I am happy, happy!

Coffee or tea?

But, first…Coffee!

Describe your typical day off:

Those are few and far between these days, but occasionally I do get the chance to relax for a day and enjoy a cup of coffee with our pup cuddling close by, and catch up on a good book or favorite TV show – without worrying about emails! I love that I get to chat with and meet new people every day, but those quiet days once in a while really help me recharge and regenerate to keep each day fresh!

And finally, what inspires you on the daily and keeps your creative juices flowing?

The wonderful makers I get to work with every day, my supportive and adventurous husband, our family & friends, all the new people I’ve had the opportunity to meet through opening the shop – my network of supportive and amazing people has grown tremendously and it blows me away every day that I’ve been able to create something that others truly enjoy and believe in just as much as I do. This is my shop life.

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