Recipe: Edible Canada’s Chinook Cocktail

The Chinook cocktail has been a refreshing addition to our bar menu and we’re excited to share the recipe for you to try at home. It’s a whisky sour meets margarita and it epitomizes local, with all ingredients being available right on Granville Island!

chinook bitters cocktail classic bar

A key component to this recipe is our exclusive Chinook Bitters by Bittered Sling. These were created through a special collaboration with Lauren Mote and Jonathan Chovancek, Bittered Sling owners and highly acclaimed individuals in Vancouver’s food scene and internationally. Only 500 units of Chinook were produced; you can find them in our Granville Island retail shop or online!

The Chinook bitters are a reference to something uniquely Canadian. ‘Chinook’ is the name of a prominent hop variety which Bittered Sling utilizes in their blend, grown and harvested in the Pemberton-Lillooet area. It is also the name of the gale winds unique to western Canada, which move down the BC Rockies into Alberta and affect weather patterns along their path. Mote and Chovancek describe the flavour profile as “bright and vibrant, fresh grapefruit peel meets floral, herbaceous and bitter lillooet hops; with soft South Asian peppercorns and bitter cinchona.”






Rim a rock glass with Amola citrus salt. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Dry shake, ice shake, strain into glass. Garnish with orange zest (a small amount, as not to overpower). Enjoy!