100% Canadian. 100% Delicious.

Our Canadian Gift Baskets are Handmade in Vancouver, BC using Only Canadian Products

We’ve made it our goal to offer support and create opportunity for all those looking to shape the face of Canadian food, and gourmet gift baskets are one way we do it.  We’ve created a unique gift basket program that is designed to showcase Canada’s highest quality ‘locally-made’ gourmet products from coast to coast.

From a personal ‘thank you’ or ‘congratulations’, to a hotel welcome, a conference, or corporate show of appreciation, we’ve got you covered. In every instance, know that with every basket you purchase, you are supporting local businesses and a thriving, sustainable food community.

Read our 2017/2018 Gift Basket Brochure:

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Our Collection

If you have something special in mind that you don’t see in our selection, please let us know, as it would be our pleasure to customize a gift for you. You can call our retail store at 604.682.6675 or email us at retail@ediblecanada.com for more information.

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Our Baskets are Cool, Not Cheesy.

We hand-select each one of the products that goes in our baskets. We are constantly sourcing new product from all over Canada, tasting each product for quality and deliciousness, and ensuring packing is up to snuff and labeling standards are upheld.  We love to find hidden gems – products that are new to market, unique, on trend, made with love, truly Canadian, and socially responsible.

All of the products in our baskets are sold on our retail store shelves and have been chosen because of their popularity with both the local and international markets.  Because we get to get up close and personal with all of these incredible goodies, we know first-hand how well they are received.

Trust us, we know what works – you can feel pretty darn good about what you are gifting!

We deliver near and far

Local Deliveries:

We have partnered with Zipments Vancouver to offer same-day or next-day delivery within the GVRD. Starting from just $10, the local courier offers reasonable rates and a more personal experience. Shoppers will be provided with the name, photo and contact information of their courier, and be able to track the courier’s progress in real time.
Shipping in Canada: No problem! Subject to standard postage rates, overnight available.

Shipping to the US:

We are equipped with a custom broker and are experience in managing FDA regulations, however please note that these regulations limit the selection of products able to cross the border. Please call or email us for more information and we can discuss your needs further. Where there is a will, there is a way! Subject to standard postage rates and customs charges may apply.

Shipping Internationally:

Subject to standard postage rates and restrictions, product selection subject to FDA regulations, specific delivery time only guaranteed to a one-week window, customs charges may apply.

Contact us at 604.682.6675 or email onlineorders@ediblecanada.com for more details.