Mission & Vision

Our vision is to make a national food community which helps define Canadian cuisine and generates a strong sense of food culture. Through learning, collaboration, celebration, story-telling and food experiences, our mission is to support the growth of Canada’s culinary collective, creating more opportunity for all those who help shape the face of Canadian food.


Eric Pateman has grown his company from a tiny one-man culinary concierge service into one of the leading ambassadors of Canadian cuisine. Beginning simply as Edible Vancouver in the spring of 2005, Eric widened his scope beyond city limits with a culinary artisan retail store and expansion to Edible British Columbia. In 2010, only 5 short years after the company was founded, EBC took another big leap and became Edible Canada, opening up a full-service bistro all while integrating his retail concept and food tours. Eric’s vision to support local, sustainable food systems and to introduce the public to the very best Canadian culinary artisans was realized. Edible Canada has been driven by the question- what is Canadian Cuisine? – and we have since come to define it as ‘local, sustainable & seasonal ingredients in the hands of many cultures’. From wild mushrooms to seafood and birch syrup to bison, Canada’s vast selection of natural ingredients bring feelings to flavours by infusing the cultural elements of our people’s past, present and future. It’s our continued goal to share and explore this further.


In everything we do today, Edible Canada is celebrating and representing Canadian cuisine with collaboration and sustainability in mind. Whether it is in our bistro on Granville Island, where you can find local produce paired with interesting ingredients like game meats & prairie pulses, or in our retail stores, which showcase the biggest selection of artisanal food products in Canada, we are always searching for the best of what is local, sustainable, seasonal, and uniquely Canadian. You can also join along on one of our many culinary adventures where you can enjoy whisky filled weekends in the Yukon or a luxurious trips ‘Across the Top of Canada‘ for an experience of a lifetime. Another option is to take a seat at one of our private guest chef dinners in Vancouver starring notable Canadian chefs like Vikram Vij and Derek Dammann. In all of our events, we hope to engage invite people to become part of the discussion around helping to define what Canadian cuisine truly is. Today we are partnering with more like-minded Canadian companies than we ever have, and are proud to celebrate the current cultural influences on Canadian cuisine with them. This collaborative local-first environment has allowed us to stay creative, identify new opportunities and remain pioneers in the industry along the way.


Through our recent events and initiatives, we continue to unearth the contributing factors to the history and future of Canadian cuisine. As a team, we are inspired by learning, collaborating, celebrating and story-telling with all those that wish to help shape the face of Canadian food. This is behind everything we do and we believe is a key factor in what keeps Edible Canada a growing, progressive and innovative company. With plans to enrich local economies across the nation by supporting small businesses and showcasing local artisans, whether through descriptive cookbooks, documentary video series, culinary excursions and business growth, we strive to fabricate a national food community and to generate a strong sense of food culture for Canadians.